The 5th November is an important date in most families event calendar. Here at Future Champions we use this awe-inspiring occasion to begin to deepen children’s understanding and knowledge on firework safety.

Our experienced team hold intelligent age-related conversations laying the foundations to build upon vital knowledge to develop lifelong learning.  Experience around our firepits illustrate this perfectly, provide these first hand opportunities to discuss heat and fire; to  practice their listening and attention skills and with appropriate scaffolding follow and engage with the rules and boundaries put in place to enjoy these events safely.

Bonfire night - fire safety for children

Playing and exploring to educate all our children’s curious little minds in a fun, engaging but meaningful way and is so important to us all.  As the children demonstrate their artistic flare by cleverly creating and designing their own firework models and paintings to take home, more rich language is used. Embedding fire work safety further. Conversations here turn to why we never touch fireworks; wearing gloves with sparklers; the noises and sounds the fireworks make and why we keep animals inside are all extremely important messages.

These first hand experiences and play based ideas provide the opportunities that are fundamental to each child’s growth and development.