Autumn time is a truly wonderous season filled with rich beautiful colours; where distinctive sounds and smells fill the air and the beautiful natural landscape changes and evolves.  This captivating time provides endless new opportunities to inspire our zestful learners, build upon what they already know, whilst extending and developing further.  The nights begin to draw in, making the days both colder and shorter; a time to give thanks as the farmers work incredibly hard, hopefully reaping the rewards of a successful year with a fruitful harvest and the animals begin to prepare themselves for the cold winter months ahead. 

Future Champions are huge advocates of the exploring the outdoors and would like to help you get the most out of this joyful season with some inspiring ideas.

Top Autumn Activities

  • Scavenger Hunts – Getting out and about in the fresh air on an Autumn walk is great fun.  Hunting for acorns; prickly and shining conkers, a winged seed, pine cones and the vast array of coloured fallen leaves.
  • Pumpkin Play – this versatile fruit can be used in so many ways, pumpkin soup; explore the endless sensory ideas from pumpkin gloop to pumpkin smashing; get creative and decorate with autumn foliage and making your very own pumpkin playdough.
  • Conker Rolling – have fun with active painting activity to rock, roll and slide over the paper.  Leaving behind a magnificent trail.
  • Leaf Crowns – an inexpensive way to celebrate the season.  Requiring no more that a pile of vibrant crunchy leaves, some card and glue.
  • Bird Feeder – Observing and caring for our wildlife is a wonderful interest to follow.  Bird feeders can be really easy to make.  Simply pour birdseed into a shallow dish. Using a butter knife spread a thin layer of peanut butter over a cardboard tube.  Immediately roll and press the seed encouraging it to cover the whole tube.  Hang your feeder using some twine outside on a dry day and get ready to watch.
  • Natural Collage – During a lovely walk encourage your child to select lots of natural resources such as leaves, twigs, seeded wings and acorns.  They can use their findings to assemble a fabulous Autumn collage.
  • Muddy Puddles – There is nothing more satisfying than the fun and joy that is created by splashing in marvellous muddy puddles. The magical moments created as a child’s face lights up as the adults let their inner child shine through as you splash together.