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 At Future Champions Children’s Nursery, we aim to:

Provide excellent quality childcare for all children who attend

Provide a caring, healthy and stimulating environment for all children

Educate children and families on lifelong healthy practices

Communicate well with parents and carers to ensure strong partnerships as co-educators


Employ staff who are skilled, qualified and dedicated to providing excellent care and learning opportunities for children

Employ staff who ‘love and cherish,’ every child in their care

Provide personalised learning experiences for all children


Display a commitment to equal opportunities and educate children in celebrating diversity

Enable each child to thrive and develop, express their individuality and reach their full potential

Enable each child to work cooperatively, express their voice and listen to others, and develop lifelong learning skills

Adhere to Ofsted regulations, Early Years Foundation Stage,Framework for Action, and to keep up-to-date with new policies and practices

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